Frozen Fields was established mid 2022 to drive the cannabis industry forward with innovative, cutting edge and truly exceptional products in the hemp-derived cannabis market. Our foundation is derived from cannabis industry veterans, an industry leading scientist, and an established multi-million dollar CPG industry sales team. Our passion is to create the best feeling, most effective, and best tasting hemp derived cannabis products on the market. Frozen Fields is excited to introduce innovative Patent Pending Formula-X combined with genuine flash frozen Live Resin, and other premium ingredients. We plan to entice cannabis consumers to become a force in the hemp derived cannabis industry.


As cannabis consumers, cultivators, and innovators, we are pushing the boundaries to bring affordable, top quality, innovative products to market. At the heart of the products we release, is science, art, nature, sustainability, and quality. Our future is in the fine art of cannabinoid science with the flexibility to innovate, grow, and pivot as needed. We believe in crafting the most unique and unmatched consumer experience, so they will be returning for more. We know customers will enjoy the feeling of a fresher, fuller, more flavorsome experience with Frozen Fields. Find your feel good factor!


Grown on the 45th parallel


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