New York Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Hemp Industry

Hey everyone! Let’s break down some big news from the hemp world in a way that’s easy to understand.

This past Thursday, the New York State Supreme Court made a decision that’s a big deal for hemp companies. They stopped the New York State Cannabis Control Board (CCB) and some other state folks from using new rules they set up in July about how hemp products can be made and sold. These new rules were pretty strict. They said that hemp products must have a lot more CBD than THC (at least 15 times more) and put limits on how much THC can be in each serving and each product.

Click here for full court ruling.

The hemp companies, who we’re calling the Hemp Parties, didn’t agree with these new rules. They said these rules were made unfairly and didn’t make sense. They also argued that the rules were made without good reasons and were just over the top.

The court looked at three main things to decide if they should stop these new rules:

  1. Chance of Winning the Case: The court agreed with the Hemp Parties. They said the reasons given for these new rules didn’t have solid evidence or facts showing that hemp products were causing problems or misleading people in New York.

  2. Risk of Harm Without Stopping the Rules: If the court didn’t stop these rules, the Hemp Parties would have been really hurt. The rules could have shifted customers away from their products to others that the CCB liked better. This could have caused the Hemp Parties to lose their place in the market.

  3. Fairness: The court thought that if the rules stayed, the Hemp Parties might go out of business. This would be really hard on their workers, who might struggle to find new jobs in today’s tough market.

The court decided that it was only fair to side with the Hemp Parties.

A big shoutout to North Fork Distribution, Cycling Frog, Sarene Craft Beer Distributors, the Hemp Beverage Alliance, One Stop Brew Shop, and their legal team for this victory.

Here’s the full court ruling for those who want to dive deeper:

Click here for full Court Ruling.

Remember, this is just a quick summary. The legal world can be complex, but we hope this helps you understand what’s happening in the hemp industry!