The 2023 Farm Bill, Let’s cement Delta 8 THC’s status! Call for Action on the 2023 Farm Bill.

Dear Industry insiders,

I know your inboxs can sometimes get flooded with sales emails, so this is aimed at providing important and interesting information as state and national rules change or evolve, ideally before it happens.

Rather than just your usual marketing spin at Frozen Fields we believe in sharing our market knowledge with our customers, new, old and future. We will keep you posted in these newsletters as things develop in DC as well as any state level changes you need to be aware of. If you need a legal letter explaining the legal status to Delta 8 THC please email and we will be happy to provide. 

I am hoping to draw your attention to an unfolding chapter in our field, notably the “Alternate Cannabinoid” segment of the Hemp Industry where we collectively strive for excellence.

The much-anticipated 2023 Farm Bill, originally set for September but now poised to unfold in 2024, presents us with a momentous juncture. This legislation harbors the potential to unlock vast opportunities for our industry, which we’ve been diligently building since the 2018 Farm Bill.

Having observed the ebb and flow of multiple bills at the state level, we’re now turning our gaze to Washington. The arena might be larger, with high-stake interests, but it also provides an unparalleled platform to impact the industry we hold dear.

It’s worth noting that it’s a lot more challenging to make an activity illegal than it is to legalize it in the first place. This gives us a strong footing, but we should not underestimate the gravity of the situation. Our opposition comprises formidable entities like MSO cannabis operators, state regulator associations, and seasoned Anti-Drug campaigners.

Despite the challenges, our sector, while somewhat dispersed, possesses an indomitable spirit and the ability to rally when needed. The focus so far has been primarily on state-level politics, but now it’s time to address the broader picture. Together, we can harness the momentum gained during the state legislative sessions to advocate for our industry on the national stage.

While there is speculation about potential changes to hemp regulations in the Farm Bill, the most likely scenario points towards maintenance of the status quo, as the USDA typically refrains from drastic legislative alterations. However, we’ll have a clearer perspective once the first draft surfaces, anticipated before this year concludes.

In the interim, I urge you to support industry stalwarts like the Hemp Roundtable and the Health Alternatives Association. Their tireless efforts provide invaluable support at the grassroots level, and we may need to amplify our collective voice when the time comes.

Let’s remain vigilant, engaged, and ready to navigate the tides of change. The future of our industry is ripe with promise, and our shared commitment and unity will ensure we continue riding this wave of progress.

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